We are all walking each other home. - Ram Dass

I am particularly interested in the spiritual dimension of our lives.

I provide non-religious spiritual care in an empathic and supportive environment.

I can support you in whatever types of rituals or services you would prefer.

Ruth Boydell

Spiritual Care encompasses all the ways in which attention is paid to the spiritual dimensions of life. It is most commonly offered in a one-to-one relationship, is person centered and makes no assumptions about personal conviction or life orientation.

It offers a way for people to experience and make meaning of their hopes and fears.

Spiritual Care is provided by practitioners to appropriately meet the individual’s spiritual and emotional needs. It may include presence, conversations, ritual, ceremonies, and the sharing of sacred texts and resources.

Spiritual care is not about proselytising and does not impose the practitioner’s beliefs or values.

from Spiritual Care Australia.

I am a member of Spiritual Care Australia

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